Jun 27


LIOS is a free and open source software for converting print in to text using either scanner or a camera. It can also produce text out of scanned images from other sources. Program is given total accessibility for visually impaired. LIOS is written in python and we release it under GPL3 license. LIOS will work with Debian based operating systems. LIOS is an effort from the easy-ocr development team. There are great many possibilities for this program. Feedback is the key to it.

Expecting your feedback. Nalin.X.Linux@gmail.com and sath.linux@gmail.com.


Download latest deb file from here open it and install

What is new in LIOS-1.4
1. Lios will work in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
2. 30 more Languages including Hindi available for Ubuntu 12.04 and above, in tesseract OCR Engine.
3. Now gocr and ocrad have column identification and picture skipping.
4. New scanner driver added.
5. New user interface with scan to user interface, ocr user interface image, etc.
6. New options for save, load and reset settings.
7. TTS preferences for controlling volume pitch and rate.
8. strengthened audio converter, rotation selector, brightness optimizer, ocr pdf capability. and extra user interface options added including image rotation, zoom options, Re-O,C,R the current image and feedback.
1 Single scan & Repeated Scanning,
2 Ocr Folder,
3 Ocr Pdf,
4 Ocr image only,
5 Cam-Scan,
6 Scan-for-image-only & repeatedly,
7 24 Language support (Given at the end). 30 more languages can be installed(Tesseract),
8 Full GUI environment, scan to user interface, ocr user interface image, and extra user interface options including image rotation, zoom options, Re-O,C,R the current image and feedback.
9 Selection of starting page number, page numbering mode and number of pages to scan,
10 Selection of Scan area, brightness, resolution and time between repeated scanning,
11 Full Auto Rotation(Dutch, English, French, German, Russian,Spanish)
12 Brightness optimizer,
13 Audio converter,
14 Easily Accessible Preferences Window,
16 Good text manipulation with Find, Go-To-Page, Go-To-Line, Append file, Punch File.
17 Display Preferences for Low vision,
18 Dictionary Support for English(Artha)
19 Beta version of spell-checker,
20 Provision for submitting issues,
21 Special Layout analysis for Ocrad and Gocr,
22 Options for save, load and reset settings,
23 TTS preferences for controlling volume pitch and rate,
24 And more features are in the preferences.

This is a copy and paste from the mailing list orca-list@gnome.org, I want to share this tool, In the next post I translate to Spanish.

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  1. Franj

    que fino, muy bueno pero no están las fuentes hermano

  2. JulioH

    Saludos Francisco

    Descarga el .deb


    Descomprímelo, y entra en la ruta /usr/share/lios/

    encontraras todo el código revisa el LIOS.py

    y todos lo .py que están ahí, revisa que esta el código fuente pero no en el control de versiones.
    También encontraras una foto de los participantes de los proyectos.

    Interesante el código.

    Gracias por comentar.

  3. seguro social

    Saludos, podrías colocar las fuentes por favor

  4. JulioH

    Saludos como le comente a Francisco, realiza esos pasos y podrás ver los archivos fuentes que no salen en el sistema de control de versiones, esta hecho en Python.

    Gracias por comentar.

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